Personal Protection

Corporate Security

Law Enforcement

Personal protection and the ability to “feel safe” for you and your family is more important today than ever before.  The news has told stories of tragedy and heartbreak in ways that we never would have imagined.

Owning a firearm isn’t just a right given to us by the second amendment.  It’s also a privilege and serious responsibility. No matter if your purpose for firearm ownership is protection or sport, you should feel like a master in gun ownership, handling, and more importantly – Safety.

On Target offers classes and seminars in many areas of focus.  Some of our clients are are first time gun owners or are applying for a license to carry or FID card.  Others are corporate executives and business owners interested in learning about how to make their work environments more secure for themselves and their employees.  We also offer safety and training to law enforcement agencies throughout the country.

Knowledge is the first step when it comes to firearm safety.  We look forward to helping you build a solid foundation in being smart, being safe, and being confident with firearms.

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